Welcome to my site and thanks for coming.

As a native New Yorker, I spent many a Saturday taking my lesson in the city, going to lunch and then going to a Broadway show. Great memories… It’s fitting then that a lot of my repertoire comes from the Great American Songbook. So many of the tunes were written for those shows and I adore interpreting them within the jazz genre. Of course, my love of music didn’t stop with childhood–there’s a lot of music that happened from there to here, so I also include Brazilian, blues, vocals on instrumental jazz tunes and whatever else I’m in love with at the moment.

The main thing that I want to tell you about me, though, is that I really love to sing. I sing from the moment that I get up in the morning until I go to sleep. I feel lucky to be able to express myself in that way and if I can spread a little of that joy around, touch and inspire my audience, I’ll have made my contribution.

Keep in touch!